Exchange and return policy

Exchange and return policy

Use procurement and transparency

Refusing to accept an order, choosing to accept or cancel the acceptance of the order, will in some cases cancel your order. appearing or cancelled.

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When purchasing or sending an email if you receive any emails or order notifications.

It exceeds its costs, terms, and conditions for obtaining it.

Goods exchange and return policy:

All products shall be subject to within a period not exceeding days of receiving the request, and their preservation of quality and preservation cannot be reached after that.

His mistake was wrong after that.

Regarding cases in which products are not returned

There are a number of cases in which the product cannot:

When submitting a return request after the specified time, which is seven days from the date of receipt regarding the products.

When using the product when it is damaged or upon receiving it when the product sticker is removed.

Consumer products for an idea or its installation.

Products whose serial numbers have been tampered with or removed.

Products without price tags, labels, original packaging, or lack of their own exhibits.

Shipping costs will be paid in the event of a sale.

How to become economic recovery?

Re-receipt of it by receiving it, within a period from the date of receipt. Take back, take back, make her turn it off.